Ladies of the Knight has a complete script! It’s all typed up and ready to go.

It sits at a grand total of 200+ pages (:P not telling you how many!)

I took a little time off creating art so I could get this done, which means we’re back on the art train til the end.


However since starting this project I have made a few books for other folks, which have taught me other working practices. Before I was working on pages in small groups as and when updates happened, but now I’m going to work on them a chapter at a time.

This unfortunately will mean that for the moment you’ll have to wait a little for the rest of chapter 4… BUT once I’ve finished I can schedule it all so it will come out in regular updates while I work on chapter 5! (And so on til the end!)



Thanks so much for sticking around. It means the world to me that you are all along for my Lady Knights journey!