Ladies of the Knight is a collection of works by illustrator FionaCreates featuring the valiant and noble beknighted ladies of a quasi historical League of Knights.

The League is a remnant of when knights were soldiers, only such acts of war are no longer necessary so the skills remain as sports and the Knights are famous, and bountiful participants (if you’re good at it that is!)

Ladies of the Knight is represented by Michaela Whatnall of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

The illustrations, sketches and short comics will mostly follow the Knight Serafina, her overenthusiastic squire, Georgiana, and her patroness and long term partner, the Lady Minerva.

Serafina is a world class Jouster, and her close combat weapon skills aren’t half bad either (though don’t ask her to hit a target with a projectile weapon… How she passed that skill in her Knights test she’ll never know.)

Georgiana aka George is a typical 15 year old girl, obsessed with looking cool, attracting a significant other and becoming famous, and what better way to become famous than to become a champion Knight? (Rich too!) She’s not the tallest, or the fastest, or the strongest, but she’s determined to overcome that and one day be seen parading about town in a fantastically engraved suit of armor.

Lady Minerva is a strong willed businesswoman who runs her own import/export business raking in the gold. She’s shrewd and clever and if she wants something she makes it happen. 20 years ago she saw a gangly teenage Serafina when passing the training grounds and decided to follow her career, it wasn’t a pining crush she swears. She later became Serafina’s patron and Serafina has proudly displayed Minerva’s owl crest ever since. It’s good PR. Or so she tells her accounting department.

Lady Frances has been Serafina’s friend for a very long time. She enjoys a fight then a party.

Serafina’s rival Lady Aethelburg enjoys flashy clothing and being nice to her fans. George is her number one fan, and Serafina thinks she’s all style and no substance (despite being tied for points in the league with Serafina!)

Corsa is a horse. A very mischievious horse.

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